Monday, January 22, 2007

Leadership of opposition SDSM discusses own problems

The broader leadership of the main opposition party in Macedonia, SDSM, late Monday is discussing the problems within the party arisen from the differences between the current and the previous leader.

On the session of the Central Board (CB) of the Social-Democratic Alliance of Macedonia (SDSM), which started around 18,00 hours on Monday, it is discussed about the demands from the group around former leader, ex-Prime Minister Vlado Buckovski, for direct party elections, for possibility of party factions and for other changes in the party's statute.

According to local TV reports, Buckovski is pessimistic about CB and the president Radmila Sekerinska would listen to the demands of Buckovski's group which, among others, includes former chief of diplomacy Ilinka Mitreva and former Parliament speaker Ljupco Jordanovski.

Two days ago, Buckovski denied the possibility of himself forming a new party if the differences become too wide.

However, Monday's Macedonian newspapers continue with unconfirmed information about possible regrouping in the Parliament and joining MPs loyal to Buckovski to the ruling majority.

SDSM has 27 MPs, including 8 that are presumably under Buckovski's control.

Disagreements between Buckovski and Sekerinska came about after the defeat on parliamentary elections in July 2006, followed by Sekerinska becoming new president of SDSM on extraordinary party congress in November.

A regular congress of the party is scheduled for February this year.

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