Thursday, January 18, 2007

Macedonian Police arrest Ex-Deputy Minister

Sasha Andonovski, the former Deputy Minister of Economy has been arrested at Skopje's Airport today for suspected involvement in Bachilo 1 and Bachilo 2 affairs.

Andonovski was the only unavailable suspect out of a total of eleven persons, who were ordered temporary detention by the Skopje District Court last December.

Andonovski is accused of having committed power abuse.

While in capacity of president of a secondary government's commission, he had "issued a certificate granting right to restitution of a property that, pursuant to the Law on Restitution, could not be subject to restitution procedure", says the Police's announcement.

On 28 November 2006, the Interior Ministry laid criminal charges against 24 persons, suspected of having inflicted damages to the State Budget.

Some of the detainees are linked to illegal payment of 700.000 euros to Isnifaris Xhemaili, and the remaining are suspected of illegal allotment of construction land in downtown Skopje by misusing the restitution regulations.

Sasha Andonovski is the only detained suspect, who held a high post at the time the crimes were committed.

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