Sunday, January 28, 2007

Memoirs of Krste Misirkov Exhibited First in Macedonia Where He is Popular

Sofia. “The memoirs of Krste Misirkov, which were recently found, was first exhibited in Macedonia, where he is very popular”, Boryana Buzhashka, chair of the General Department of Archives at the Council of Ministers, said in an interview with FOCUS News Agency. She was asked to explain why the document was first exhibited in Macedonia and not in Bulgaria instead. Buzhashka said that before the memoirs were presented, a poll was conducted among Bulgarian journalists about the popularity of Misirkov. Only one in ten journalists said they had heard the name. According to Boryana Buzhashka, this result is due to political factors.
The book of memoirs will be published both in Bulgaria and Romania. The manuscript will be translated and published in April or May.
Krste Misirkov was a philologist and publicist born in 1874 in the then Ottoman Empire region of Macedonia. His ethnic self-identity and views are a matter of dispute between Bulgaria and the Republic of Macedonia.

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