Sunday, January 28, 2007

New round of talks for EU visa regime alleviation

Macedonia and the European Commission on Thursday in Brussels started a new round of talks on visa regime alleviation for Macedonian citizens, confirmed for Maxfax sources in MoI and MFA.

The two-day round is expected to bring about motion in the negotiations for simplification of the visa procedure and the re-admission agreement, started by Skopje and Brussels at the end of last year.

European Commission, in this phase of the negotiations, is to inform which of the demands in the visa policy submitted by the Macedonian side are acceptable, which would need additional consultations and the manner of further negotiations on accomplishing a unified re-admission agreement, which is one of key conditions for alleviation of visa regime.

On achieving re-admission agreement between Macedonia and the European Union, on Thursday the negotiations are continued by a team from the Ministry of Interior (MoI), led by chief negotiator Antonio Sanev.

In the part of visa regime alleviation, the negotiations will continue in Brussels on Friday by the team of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs (MFA), led by Agneza Rusi.

Macedonia requests the European Commission to simplify the visa procedure for as much of Macedonia citizens as possible and to receive concrete perspective on full liberalization of the visa regime.

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