Saturday, January 20, 2007

Police officer arrested, involved in smuggling 130 kg marijuana

Macedonian police seized more than 130 kg of marijuana, while arresting two men, one of them being police officer.

The operation, as reported by the police, took place late Sunday at 21, 30 in hotel "Bellevue" outside Skopje.

M.J. (29), member of MoI's rapid deployment unit and N.T. (33) from Debar were arrested at the hotel's parking lot in an "Audi 100" vehicle, where the drug was found.

A total of 135 kg and 725 g of marijuana was recovered in the luggage compartment and on the rear seats of the vehicle, in 132 packs placed in 9 bags.

The police investigation found that the two arrested acquired the drug in Debar from an Albanian citizen, with an intention to transfer and deliver it to another person in Skopje.

N.T. was supposed to receive monetary compensation of 1.500 Euro, including 500 Euro that were intended for M.J. is said in the announcement of Macedonian MoI, anticipating criminal charges against all involved in the case.

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