Saturday, January 20, 2007

Policy on Macedonia should be Precise and Cold-blooded: Focus Agency President

Sofia. “I think it is a purposeful policy, which started in May after the report that states Bulgaria is eligible to join the EU,” the President of Focus Agency Krasimir Uzunov told BNT, commenting on the incident when Bulgarians from Macedonia were attacked with clubs and stones while laying flowers on the grave of Mara Buneva.
“OMO-Ilinden does not want to be registered because it wants the tension to continue,” Uzunov underlined.
According to him Macedonia’s interior problems reflect in its relations with its neighbors. “Macedonia has one and the same attitude to Bulgaria and Greece, but the one to Bulgaria has far more shades,” Uzunov added. He stressed that the police were close to the area where the attack took place and the incident happened with their silent approval.
“I do not think Gruevski has managed to take hold of the state, but he should be blamed for the attitude to Bulgaria. There are people in the country who have been related to the governance of Macedonia in the last 50 years and who have a lot to explain to the Macedonians. Macedonian people do not have anti-Bulgarian attitude,” Uzunov stated.
“Bulgarian policy on Macedonia should be precise and cold-blooded. We should make no compromises. The Foreign Ministry should take an active stand,” Uzunov concluded.

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