Monday, January 22, 2007

Publications about Paid Bulgarian Visas are Lies: Bulgarian Ambassador to Skopje

Skopje. Bulgarian ambassador to Skopje Miho Mihov refuted the media publications that annual visas for Bulgaria cost 120 euro and three-month visas – 60 euro.
“Visas for Bulgaria are free of charge,” Miho Mihov told Focus Agency.
“There is only one paid visa – a student visa type D, which costs 50 euro. You had to pay for it even before the visa regime and now the price is the same,” Miho Mihov stated.
“When I read some of the prices mentioned in the publications it was clear this is an ignorant provocation,” the ambassador added. According to him the logic is elementary – to make something up at any time. First, when there were many people outside the embassy they wrote about “chaos”. Now when things are under control they made something else up – the paid visas.
Answering a question where such publications come from, the ambassador suggested this was the latest attempt to create tension.
“The aim is to create tension among Macedonians. When they read such publications they will feel physical and financial hatred towards Bulgaria,” Mihov said.

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