Sunday, January 28, 2007

SCC management disassociates from SB's statement

The management of the Skopje Clinic Center (SCC) has disassociated itself from the statement released Tuesday by the Steering Board (SB) of the Center containing protest against Health Ministry's intention to divide up the biggest healthcare facility.

Clinic Center's SB voiced strong protest yesterday over the plan for transformation of the Center, which was presented last week, when a Division Balance Commission, chaired by the Director of Cardiology Clinic, Sahko Kedev, was formed.

"The statement released by the Steering Board expresses their view only. Nonetheless, we are convinced that a transformation of the Clinic Center is necessary. We won't allow under any circumstances for the health and lives of the patients to be put at risk", said the Director of the Clinic Center, Borche Georgievski, responding at SB's accusations that such a decision "might result in loss of human lives".

He added that "a Commission comprised of experts is scrutinizing the modalities for achieving thorough decentralization and autonomy by establishing a functional link between the Clinics and the Faculty of Medicine".

Georgievski unveiled plans for introduction of supplementary private practice of the doctors employed at the Clinic Center. Pursuant to the amendments to the Law on Healthcare Protection, the decision will take effect as of 1 February.

Starting from the next month, all doctors with seven-year working experience will be allowed to engage in eight hours of private practice on a weekly basis. Patients that will opt for using their services will make payments to doctors' individual accounts.

"The Clinic Center will by no means meddle in the funds generated by the supplementary practice, provided that no materials or machines belonging to the Center are used", Georgievski said.

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