Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Series of robberies of Bitola's dentist offices

Robbers are operating on a large scale in Bitola, plundering dentist offices across the town, Makfax's correspondent reported.

The bandits managed to clear out two dental offices in a month's time, and attempted to rob another two.

The last incident took place on 5 January, when the criminals cleared out the complete inventory of the dentist dispensary of the primary school "Dame Gruev", except for the chair. The material damage is estimated to several thousands of euros.

The other robbery occurred on 17 December in the private dentist office Vedent, located on Nikola Tesla St. in Bitola.

Vedent's owner Vesna Bozinovska-Hristovska said the damage totaled 150.00 euros.

Alarms went off in the dispensaries in the primary school "Elpida Karamanli" and in the village of Kravari, averting the robbers from breaking into these two dentist offices.

Bitola's stomatologists voiced suspicions that an organized group stands behind the robberies. According to them, the criminals are motivated by the high demand for dentist instruments on the black market ahead of the upcoming privatization.

Bitola's Police set out an operation for tracking down the perpetrators.

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