Friday, January 19, 2007

Skopje Attack has been Planned

Skopje. The attack today in Skopje on participants in a service in memory of Mara Buneva has been planned. The attackers came from three directions. The largest group came from the side of the Holiday Inn Hotel, the second from the old stone bridge across the Vardar River and the third came from the direction of the trade center. The incident happened at about 11:30 local time before the speech of Pande Evtimov, FOCUS News Agency correspondent reported. Miroslav Rizinski, candidate for MP from Dosta Dimovska’s DRUM Party, was beaten up. A young boy and older people were also beaten up. Rizinski already testified at the police station. Other participants are also testifying. Young men from the Komiti fan club were recognized among the attackers. Besides, among the attackers there were people who had taken part in an attack against Radko Association in the Holiday Inn on October 27, 2000. It was also announced that a bus from Bulgaria carrying members of the Internal Macedonian Revolutionary Organization (VMRO) had not been admitted to Macedonia this morning.

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