Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Steering Board protests against disassociation of Clinic Center

The Steering Board (SB) of the Skopje Clinic Center (SCC) voiced protest against Health Ministry's decision for "disassociation" of the biggest healthcare facility in the country.

SB members issued a statement today, saying they did not understand the purpose of such a decision.

"The importance of SCC is much too serious to serve as a testing ground for somebody's ideas. Unbalanced transformation is bound to result in collapse of the healthcare system. We are not talking about some bankrupted bank or factory, the price of such hasty decisions will be far more dramatic as human lives are at stake", the SB's statement says.

The Steering Board explained they reject the announced transformation because there is neither solid elaboration of the project nor it was initiated by World Bank as the strategic partner in healthcare reforms. Furthermore, they argue, there is no similar example in any of the neighboring countries undergoing transition process.

"This decision will only produce collapse of some of the clinics, shutting down of entire medical sections and surge of medical services' prices", the statement says.

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