Friday, February 23, 2007

According to Press in Skopje Bulgarian Generals would set Macedonia further away from NATO

Skopje. Under the title ‘Bulgarian General to lead Macedonia to NATO’ the Macedonian daily Untrinski Vesnik, which is close to the oppositional party SDSM publishes information for the forthcoming replacement (at the end of the year) of the British Head of the NATO Mission in Macedonia Gen. John Durance with a Bulgarian General. The daily does not mention the name of the replacement, but notes that this would set the country further away from the desired joining to the Alliance in 2008.
Utrinski Vesnik comments that given the experience Macedonia has with another Bulgarian general – the current Bulgarian Ambassador to Skopje Miho Mihov, it would not be a surprise if the new NATO mission sets the country away instead of getting it closer to the Alliance membership in the key years till the enlargement in 2008.

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