Sunday, February 11, 2007

Bulgaria has No Pragmatic Politics for Macedonia

Sofia. “The energy crisis on the Balkans after closing down of NPP Kozloduy could comprise even Turkey and Greece”, VMRO Leader Kraasimir Karakachanov announced for BNT. He added that the topic for units 3 and 4 was a failure for the previous cabinet on the way to the EU membership.
Concerning the problems with Macedonia he underlined that he was not afraid for his life after threats of Dragan Latas. The VMRO Leader added that many people in Macedonia still don’t understand that Yugoslavia doesn’t exist any more and they were angry for Bulgaria successes in the last years. He was positive that Bulgaria still didn’t have pragmatic politics for Macedonia and reminded that this country was the last failed experiment of the Comintern, attempting to make people there think for themselves as Macedonians.

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