Saturday, February 24, 2007

Croatian military delegation visits Macedonia

The current security challenges in the region will dominate the talks with the visiting Croatian military officials.

Croatia's high-level military delegation, led by Deputy Chief of Staff Lieutenant General Slavko Baric, arrived in Skopje on Thursday.

On Thursday, Croatian military officials met with Macedonian Army Chief of Staff, Lieutenant General Miroslav Stojanovski. The interlocutors expressed content with the excellent military co-operation between the two countries as well as the co-operation among the signatory-countries of the US-Adriatic Charter.

Macedonian military officials discussed with their Croatian counterparts about the transformation of the ARM and military reform, and they also exchanged experience about the participation in NATO-led peacekeeping mission.

In the course of the visit, which will run till February 25, Croatian delegation will tour the Allied Operational Command in Kumanovo and the 1st Mechanized Infantry Brigade Command in Stip.

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