Saturday, February 10, 2007

Ethical code, corporate principles to combat corruption

The objective of today's workshop, organized by NGO Transparency - Zero Corruption, is to establish a code of ethics and to comply with the international corporate principles.

The workshop, which took place at Deputies Club in Skopje, focused on the theme "Improving the Corporate Management on Zero Tolerance for Corruption" in industrial sector.

According to Slagjana Taseva, the president of the Programmatic Council of the NGO Transparency - Zero Corruption, today's workshop aims to put the recently signed Declaration on zero tolerance for corruption to motion.

Taseva added that the main focus should be put on the pledges for transparent corporate management, strengthening of ethical management, transparency in the functioning and improving of corporate management.

Today's workshop was a second in row. Another six workshops, financed by the Norwegian Embassy, will be staged in the future.

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