Sunday, February 11, 2007

EUR 100.000 of church money stolen in Bitola's nearby village

About 100.000 euros of church money were stolen from the home of the 65-year-old Nikola Shtapevski, the president of the church council of the Bitola's nearby village of Capari.

The theft was reported on Sunday at 22:00 hrs, after Shtapevski realized that somebody broke into his house and established that the money he had stashed in a fire-wood basket went missing.

The police assumes the theft took place somewhere between 17:00 and 21:00 hrs, when Nikola Shtapevski and his wife were out of the house.

"It was only today that we found out the president of the church council kept the money in his hose. The funds had been granted to the local church on the basis of property restitution compensation. We are wondering why he kept the money stashed in his home, instead of using them for renovation of the church building as planned", said Ico Shikanovski, inhabitant of Capari.

The Police set out an investigation, probing into Shtapevski's statements.

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