Saturday, February 03, 2007

Macedonia has to establish continuous dialogue with Roma population

Macedonia has to establish continuous dialogue with Romas, is the conclusion of debate on the Roma issue in Macedonia that took place today in the Macedonian Parliament.

"Romas are Macedonian citizens enjoying equal rights. However, they need help to integrate into the system", said Jelko Kacin, the member of the European Parliament, who took part at today's debate.

MEP Elly de Groen backed his stance, noting that Macedonia should provide aid to those Roma families who send their children to school.

"Of course, Macedonia is a poor country and Brussels stands ready to assist this process", de Groen said, explaining that the integration of Romas in the society is "a complex problem that can be tackled only by a joint strategy".

Parliament Speaker, Ljubisha Georgievski, Foreign Minister, Antonio Miloshoski, European Ambassador, Erwan Fouere, and the European Parliament Rapporteur for Macedonia, Erik Meijer, gave their addresses at today's debate entitled "Lack of knowledge or lack of political will".

The two representatives of the Roma population in the Macedonian Parliament, Shaban Saliu and Nezdet Mustafa, also participated in the discussion.

The debate has been set up by a group of deputies of the European and the Macedonian Parliament with support of the National Roma Center in Macedonia.

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