Saturday, February 24, 2007

Macedonia’s Prosecution seals investigation on President Trajkovski's death

Skopje. The Macedonian Public Prosecution Office sealed the investigation into the cause of death of President Trajkovski and eight members of his entourage, concluding that the plane crashed as a result of pilots' mistake, the Macedonian agency Makfax reported.
Confirming that it stands behind the Skopje Prosecution Office's rejection of the two special police reports calling for setting out new investigation, the State Prosecution Office practically closed the case concluding that the crash occurred as a result of an accident.
"The contents of the obtained documents pointed out that the plain crash occurred due to crew's mistakes during the procedure of approaching to the Mostar Airport, that had taken place in unfavorable weather conditions, dense fog and clouds", Prosecution Office's announcement says.
"The mistakes include deviation from the landing procedure, even though the pilots confirmed to the Mostar control tower they will comply with the procedure", Prosecution Office's explains.
The announcement further says that the arguments received by the Crime Sector with the Public Security Office on 7 February 2007, "neither contain information that might bring into question the decision of the Skopje Prosecution Office, nor offer any additional evidence relevant to establishing the cause of the crash".
The plane crash took place on 26 February 2004 in the vicinity of Mostar, where the Macedonian delegation led by the President Boris Trajkovski was to attend an Economic Forum.
The results of the official investigation carried out in 2004 indicated that the crash occurred as a result of pilots' mistake, however, a series of elements left room for suspicion, which prompted Macedonian Interior Ministry to set out a new preliminary investigation in late 2006.

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