Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Representatives of Commerce Chamber to meet with judicial authorities

The first meeting between the representatives of the Macedonian Commerce Chamber (MCC) and the judicial authorities is due to take place in Skopje today.

The meeting has been staged within the efforts for developing and putting into practice of the principles of public and private partnership, MCC announced.

"This meeting is aimed at familiarizing the judicial authorities with the views of our members on the current situation and problems they are facing in communication with them", the announcement says.

MCC also expects to be briefed about the progress of the ongoing reforms in judicial sector and its reflection on doing business in the country.

"In this way, we would like to express our support to the ongoing reforms and give our contribution towards creating a better business environment, which stands as one of the primary commitments of our governments on the road to EU and NATO", the announcement says.

Representatives of the Justice Ministry, Republic Judicial Council, Supreme Court, Constitutional Court, Appellate Courts, several district courts, judges and commerce lawyers' guilds, will attend the meeting.

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