Saturday, February 24, 2007

Struga Mayor accuses Canoski of illegal building of mosque

Struga Mufti's Office has set out illegal constructions works on a mosque with funds provided by Fijat Canoski, Struga's Mayor Ramiz Merko accused today.

The foundations of the future mosque have been laid yesterday in the vicinity of the European University, whose owner is Canoski, Makfax's correspondent reported.

No license has been issued for building of a religious object at this location, Merko said. He announced taking measures for halting of the illegal construction.

According to the Mayor, the building of a mosque threatens to tighten the inter-ethnic tensions in Struga. Therefore, the local authorities will urge competent ministries and the Islamic Religious Community to take action.

Representatives of the local Mufti's Office confirmed that a mosque is due to be build at the stated location, however, they refused to comment Merko's accusations before checking thoroughly the entire documentation.

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