Saturday, March 17, 2007

Albanian leader Taci says Macedonia’s President Crvenkovski threatened him and his family

Skopje. The deputy leader of the Democratic Party of Albanians /DPA/ Menduh Taci said the Macedonian President Branko Crvenkovski had threatened him and his family, FOCUS News Agency correspondent in Skopje, Dejan Nikolovski reported. The threats were sent via the chiefs of the Intelligence Agency and DBK /Macedonian Security and Counter-espionage Service/, who met with Crvenkovski on Friday.
“Now it’s clear why Macedonia has been ailing for 17 years already”, Taci said.
Deputy Interior Minister Refet Elmazi has contacted the chief of the Intelligence Agency Kire Naumov to check the signal. Taci told journalists that he did not fear the threats because “my family has 150 men, and he /the President/ is alone”.
Taci stated that the attack against Gligorov and the plane crash, in which President Boris Trajkovski died, should be now looked upon in a new way.

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