Saturday, March 17, 2007

Athens and Washington at odds over Macedonia's name

ATHENS -- Official Athens in collision with the US Administration over the name of Macedonia, a Greek daily reports.

The Athens-based Eleftherotypia daily newspaper draws such a conclusion from the Greek Foreign Minister Dora Bakoyannis statement that "Athens and Washington have discordant positions on many issues, particularly in regards to the dispute with Skopje over the name".

According to the daily, Bakoyannis statement given in the interview with the Greek TV station MEGA, clearly demonstrates the collision between Costas Karamanlis's Government and Washington over the efforts for resolving the dispute on the name of Macedonia.

The article further says that the collision comes at the time when Macedonia promotes its candidacy for membership in NATO under the constitutional name.

The Greek daily also comments that Bakoyannis’ statement represents unprecedented acknowledgment of discordances between official Athens and Washington over the future status of Kosovo as well.

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