Sunday, March 11, 2007

Gruevski, Crvenkovski to discuss ambassador posts

A meeting between the Head of State and the Prime Minister dedicated to filing of the vacant posts of Macedonian ambassadors abroad is scheduled for today in Skopje.

Foreign Minister Antonio Miloshoski is also expected to attend the meeting.

On Tuesday, PM Nikola Gruevski requested from President Branko Crvenkovski to come up with different candidates instead of those the latter had proposed at their last consultation on this issue.

If President Crvenkovski fails to come forward with a new shortlist of candidates, tomorrow's meeting will be sheer waste of time, Gruevski said last night.

Gruevski and Crvenkovski have been wrangling over two candidates proposed by the President - the incumbent Advisor for Security Issues, Stevo Pendarovski, and ex-Prime Minister and incumbent deputy Vlado Buckovski, who, according to Gruevski, won't even be considered for the posts by the Government.

President's Cabinet has not responded to the Gruevski's statement of rejection.

However, the opposition SDSM did respond by saying that Gruevski "should come to his senses and give in to the state's interests".

In the meantime, Macedonia has no appointed Ambassadors to Great Britain, Qatar and Spain, while the Ambassadors in Athens, NATO, Zagreb, Podgorica, Kiev, Sarajevo, Bucharest and Belgrade are due to be replaced soon.

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