Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Gul: Turkey supports Macedonia's NATO bid

Macedonia and Turkey need to step up the economic cooperation in the following years in order to reach the level of the good political relations, and Turkey is strong supporter of Macedonia's membership in NATO.

This was concluded at today's meeting between the Macedonian Foreign Minister Antonio Miloshoski and the Turkish Vice-Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Abdullah Gul
that took place in the premises of the Interior Ministry.

"Political relations between the two countries are characterized by trust and friendship, which is our greatest capital. The challenge is to raise the level of the economic relations to match the political ones", Minister Gul said after the meeting.

He noted that the campaign "Invest in Macedonia" raised great interest among Turkish businessmen.

"Our friendship is grounded on very healthy bases. Turkey is heading the group of countries that are voicing strong support to membership of the Republic of Macedonia to NATO. You can rest assured that you have a strong supporter even in those institutions where you have no representatives of your own. We are also backing your efforts for inclusion in EU", Gul said.

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