Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Macedonia confirms unity on name dispute with Greece

Macedonian top officials reaffirmed their unity on the name dispute with Greece.

This was announced after today's coordinative meeting among President Branko Crvenkovski, Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski and Foreign Minister Antonio Miloshoski.

"...The sole position and strategy of the Republic of Macedonia on overcoming the name difference was reaffirmed, as one of the highest state's priorities and prerequisite for preserving the constitutional name of the country", says the joint press statement released after the meeting that was attended also by the Macedonian Special Envoy over this issue, Ambassador Nikola Dimitrov.

The announcement further says that the meeting was aimed at "mutual briefing on the current developments and coordination on this issue of highest state interest".

Crvenkovski-Gruevski meeting comes in a time of strained relations between Athens and Skopje, but also in time of tension in the dialogue between the Prime Minister and the President.

Yesterday, the Government sent to Greece a note of protest relating offending behavior of some of their soldiers towards Macedonia.

Previously, Greece raised objections over renaming of the Skopje Airport into Alexander the Great.

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