Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Macedonia handed over protest note to Greek Ambassador

Macedonian Foreign Ministry filed a formal protest note to the Greek Foreign Ministry over the conduct of some Greek soldiers insulting Macedonia.

Macedonian Foreign Ministry announced that the Greek Ambassador to Macedonia, Theodora Grosomanidou, was called in for talks.

The meeting was related to a video recording of a military parade that took place in October 2005, whose authenticity was verified today.

Macedonian side "voiced protest against the video footage showing Greek special forces chanting insulting slogans against the Republic of Macedonia".

"In addition, Macedonian officials pointed out to the Greek Ambassador that the abovementioned behavior slides out the declared commitment for good neighborly and friendly relations and have a negative impact on the overall relations between the two states and nations", the announcement says.

Macedonia urged the Ambassador Theodora Grosomanidou "to convey promptly the protest note to the competent institutions in the Republic of Greece in hope that official Athens will denounce the incident".

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