Sunday, March 11, 2007

Macedonian MBI Index hits new record high

The value of the stocks at the Macedonian Stock Exchange continue to mark a significant increase as the MBI Index (comprised of 10 most powerful companies in Macedonia) has surpassed the threshold of 5.000 value points for the first time ever.

At the end of Tuesday's trading, MBI Index reached 5.006,17 points, making a daily drive of 158,3972 points, which increased its total value by 3.27 percent.

According to brokers, buyers' interest is mainly focused on the construction, banking and pharmacy companies.

Beton-Skopje's shares were in high demand today. They traded at average of 25.975,00 denars per share, which marks 10% increase compared with yesterday.

The week-long drive of Granit and Karposh's shares resulted today in 9.98% increase compared with last Tuesday.

Today's turnover at the Stock Exchange Market totaled 138.171.300,68 denars generated through as many as 831 transfers.
The explanation offered to Makfax yesterday about the reasons for jump of stocks value especially those of construction companies, suggested it was due to pending and ongoing investment operations of Slovenian and Croatian funds.

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