Saturday, March 10, 2007

Ohrid innkeepers displeased with beach leasing terms

Ohrid's innkeepers expressed discontent with government's terms for leasing of beaches in Ohrid, Makfax correspondent said.

Ljupco Patce, the head of local association of innkeepers, says the conditions for beach leasing are non-favorable as the leasing price is too high. Furthermore, and the two-year concession contract is too short to get the invested money back.

He added that these are the main reasons for low turnout after the public notice on leasing of Ohrid beaches, given the fact that just five people submitted applications.

Ohrid's innkeepers urge the Ministry of Transport & Communications to extend the duration of the lease to more than two years, or to approve a grace-period with duration of several years, or to make sure that the funds for renovation of the beaches be deducted from the lease.

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