Friday, March 30, 2007

Sintez Group intends to build the Macedonia-based power plant

Sintez Group is going to build the power plant with of the 230 MW (electric) and 160 MW (heat) capacity in Macedonia, the company informed.

The Group bought the major stake in TE-TO from Itera. The project will demand 138.5mln euro of investments. The subcontractor is GÀÌÀ (Turkey) and ALSTOM (Swiss) Concortium. The power plant will work on gas.

Sintez Group covers now 9 multiprofile companies including Sintezneftegaz, Arcticshelfneftegaz, Negusneft, Sintez Petroleum, Nizhnevartovsky Capital Wells Repair, Sibirtransservice, Industrial Investments, Sintez Development, South Western TETS.

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