Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Status conference on Boskoski, Tarculovski

A pre-trial status conference in the case against Ljube Boskoski and Johan Tarculoski has been scheduled for Wednesday, March 21, at The Hague Tribunal.

The status conference, to take place Wednesday at 14:15 hrs in at courtroom II, will be the last conference ahead of launch of trial slated for April 16.

In accordance with the procedure, the judges, prosecutors and defense lawyers are to review the case, the activities in connection with the case, collected evidence and related paperwork.

Boskoski and Tarculovski are to brief on their health condition and how they were treated at the tribunal's detention unit Scheweningen.

In April 2005, Macedonia's former interior minister Ljube Boskoski and his former bodyguard Johan Tarculovski pleaded not guilty of charges in connection with Ljuboten case dating from 2001 conflict in Macedonia.

The amended indictment alleges that Boskoski did nothing to prevent the crimes allegedly committed in Skopje's village of Ljuboten in 2001. "A superior is responsible for the criminal acts of his subordinates if he knew that his subordinates were about to commit such acts, and the superior failed to take necessary and reasonable measures to prevent such acts or to punish the perpetrators."

The indictment alleges that Tarculovski "personally commanded the attack of Macedonian police forces in Ljuboten, when seven ethnic Albanians were killed, 14 houses were set on fire, and more than 100 local residents were arrested and mistreated."

The two Macedonian citizens are in Scheweningen since March 2005, awaiting the start of trial.

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