Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Stefan Vlahov is not Macedonian yet; nobody knows whether he works in embassy in Sofia

The Agency for Macedonian refugees in Bulgaria told FOCUS News Agency the former Director of the Macedonian Culture Center in Sofia Stefan Vlahov-Mitsov was appointed as a PR of the Macedonian embassy in Bulgaria. However the Agency has also told the correspondent of Focus Agency in Skopje Dejan Nikolovski that it is not competent to answer whether Stefan Vlahov-Mitsov has Macedonian citizenship, and it is the Macedonian Foreign Ministry that can give more details.
The Macedonian embassy in Sofia has announced Stefan Vlahov-Mitsov is not currently working as a PR.
The Macedonian Foreign Ministry stated it “had not heard such a thing” but so far it had neither a confirmation, nor a refutation of Vlahov’s appointment in the embassy.
According to Macedonian sources Vlahov-Mitsov, who is of north Bulgarian descent, is not a Macedonian yet, which makes his would-be appointment scandalous.

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