Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Trial on Bacilo and Denationalization cases begins

The trial on Bacilo 1 and Bacilo 3 cases, involving a multitude of illegal actions is scheduled to begin today in Skopje District Court.

As many as 23 defendants will appear before the court, including a former deputy minister, judge, lawyer and notary. The total damage inflicted to the State Budget through wrongdoings in both cases is estimated to 6 million euros.

The Bacilo 1 case refers to last year's ruling binding the state to pay 720.000 euros compensation to the shepherd Isnifaris Xhemaili as the court proceeding - brimming with legal flaws - found that Macedonian Army allegedly killed 900 sheep and destroyed 1.000 cheese containers after bombing his mountain sheepfold.

This affair is linked to the case of illegal restitution of land in downtown Skopje, dubbed Bacilo 3 case.

Misuse of the restitution procedure by individuals, lawyers and notaries is in question, carried out through government's secondary commission, in charge of receiving appeals on the bodies of original jurisdiction.

The appellants were then allotted more attractive locations in downtown Skopje approved by construction stamps, which were sold at high prices to third parties.

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