Saturday, April 14, 2007

DiCarlo says US policy over name remains unchanged

The United States reiterated that Washington's position over Macedonia's constitutional name has not changed.

"US policy over Macedonia's name has not changed. In 2004, we recognized Macedonia under its constitutional name - Republic of Macedonia - in bilateral relations," Deputy Assistant Secretary for European and Eurasian Affairs Rosemary DiCarlo said in an interview with Radio Voice of America.

Commenting the NATO Freedom Consolidation Act adopted by the US Senate, in which the FYROM reference stands next to country's name Macedonia, DiCarlo said the support to this Act does not mean acceptance of other name for Macedonia.

On Monday, US President George signed into law the NATO Freedom Consolidation Act of 2007, which reaffirms support for continued enlargement of NATO, and designates Macedonia, Albania, Croatia, Georgia and Ukraine as eligible to receive assistance under the NATO Participation Act and authorizes appropriations for certain military assistance for these countries.

"The invitations for NATO membership will be performance-based. We support the membership of Macedonia, Albania and Croatia if the countries wrap up the necessary reform," DiCarlo said.

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