Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Interior minister in Beckham’s stolen car

SKOPJE -- The interior minister, driving David Beckham's stolen car, says he can have it back - if he collects it.

Gordana Jankulovska, 30, said: "I am a big fan, and I am hoping he will come to pick up the car so I can meet him and hand over the keys in person".

She added: "I would be happy to give it back, and delighted to personally hand him the keys of his stolen car that was found here in Macedonia."

The luxury car turned up in the Macedonian town of Debar late last year after it was stolen in Spain.

It was then transported by ship to Greece, before being taken into Macedonia. Police later established it was stolen from the former England captain.

She said the local laws meant the car could only be returned if Beckham turned up in person to collect it.

Newspapers in Macedonia this week published photos of the Interior Minister Gordana Jankulovska in the capital Skopje getting into the car.

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