Thursday, April 26, 2007

Karolina contemplating singing in English

Reports out of Skopje suggest that this year's entry from the FYR Macedonia could be about to undergo a language make-over. Karolina's English version of ''Mojot Svet'' has reportedly found favour amongst Eurovision fans, and it is said that the FYR Macedonia delegation is now considering a language change, or even a combination of the two.

It's not been unusual for FYR Macedonia to sing in either English, Macedonian, or indeed both at the Eurovision Song Contest. They debuted in 1998 and sang in Macedonian, as was the ruling at the time, with ''Ne Zori Zoro'' by Vlado Janevski; and carried on the trend in 2000 with XXL singing ''100% Te ljubam''. Then came Karolina herself in 2002 with ''Od Nas Zavisi'', before Tosi Proeski broke the trend when he sang ''Life Is'' in Istanbul. 2005 Saw Martin Vucic going for the English version of ''Make My Day'', and last year Elena Risteska sang the bi-lingual ''Ninanajana''. Whatever the language, it is highly likely that FYR Macedonia will be in the Helsinki final, given their uncanny ability to qualify from every semifinal so far.

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