Friday, April 06, 2007

Macedonia does not violate human rights in preliminary investigation procedure

The Council of Europe has no information about violation of rights taking place in Macedonia in the course of preliminary investigation procedures or in ordering temporary detention.

Andre Konze, an expert from the Council of Europe, said this today in Ohrid, where he is attending a seminar for crime prevention with special emphasis on the relations among police, prosecution office and citizens.

"The informative questioning of suspects is the toughest task the police is facing, as it is very sensitive in terms of violation of the suspect's human rights. However, I have no information that such violations are taking place in Macedonia", Konze said.

He added that the purpose of CE experts' participation at seminars is not to punish the police officers who committed violation of human rights while fulfilling their duty, but to point out what practices are in accordance with the international human rights convention, and what aren't.

Antonio Senev, representative of the Interior Ministry, said that the Macedonian Police is operating in accordance with the law, adding that there are adequate instruments and institutions tasked to monitor and detect eventual cases of human rights violation.

The seminar in Ohrid is the third in a row organized by the Macedonian Interior Ministry and the Council of Europe. As many as 25 police officers of various ranks, representatives of the Public Prosecution Office, as well as domestic and foreign experts are taking part at the event.

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