Thursday, April 19, 2007

Macedonians pleased with visa facilitation agreement with EU

Macedonia expressed on Friday its pleasure in signing agreements with the EU on visa facilitation and readmission, saying it is the first step towards a free visa regime.

Macedonia and the EU signed the agreements in Brussels late Thursday, which would reduce the cost and simplify the procedures when Macedonians apply for visas to travel to the EU countries, news reaching here from Skopje reported.

Macedonian said the visa facilitation agreement will help Macedonia increase exchange with the rest of Europe and can be expected to have a positive impact on economic and democratic development in Macedonia.

Under the agreements, 20 categories of travelers, including students, children under six, pensioners, journalists, scholars and businessman, would get multiple entry, even free, visas for some of them.

Macedonia also signed a readmission agreement with the EU under which Macedonia would be obliged to take back citizens living illegally in the EU countries.

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