Monday, April 09, 2007

OMO Ilinden – PIRIN refutes having forged signatures

Skopje. The leaders of the organization OMO Ilinden – PIRIN reacted with a letter to the ‘new media hysteria’, which has started with the statement, made by the Chairman of the Bulgarian VMRO Krasimir Karakachanoiv, the the Bulgarian Prosecutor’s Office would receive documents for the falsification of the signatures, submitted for the regiustration of OMO Ilinden – PIRIN as a political party in Bulgaria, the Macedonian TV channel A1 reported.
‘The party is not at all worried by such option. On the contrary, it welcomes it. This would give the opportunity to prove the truth about the manipulation and the pressure exerted by state authorities on the members of OMO Ilinden – PIRIN in a courtroom in the presense of EU observers.’, the letter reads.

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