Saturday, May 12, 2007

1 Bulgarian Killed, 2 Injured in Macedonian Gas Station Blast

One Bulgarian citizen died and two other were injured after an explosion of a gas bottle on a gas station in the Macedonian town of Tetovo on Friday, Darik News reported.

The killed person is Petar Mitev, 48. Svetoslav Prodanov was heavily injured and was transported to the nearest hospital for treatment. The third victim is Stoycho Nikolov, who suffered minor injuries. All the three men are citizens of the Stara Zagora town.

Prodanov was later transported to Skopje to undergo a surgery of his injured right eye. Doctors from the Skopje hospital said his life is out of danger.

The accident happened on Friday at noon when the three men were working close to a gas bottle when suddenly its lid tore off, causing a huge blast at the Hit Oil gas station.

The three were sent to Tetovo from the company they work for, Kalvacha Gas, to test the Tetovo gas station and remove a technical defect of an underground tank for petrol derivatives.

Shortly after the accident the place was visited by officials from the Macedonian Interior Ministry to inspect.

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