Sunday, May 27, 2007

Alleged human trafficking victims gave testimonies in Tetovo Court

Ten women of foreign nationality, including Bulgarians and a Serb, were brought in for questioning before an investigative judge in a competent Tetovo Court relating the Oriental As case, Makfax's correspondent reported.

The girls were found during a police raid in the Oriental As bar located in the Tetovo's nearby village of Zherovjane.

Although Police raised allegations of sexual exploitation, today's questioning was focused on other lighter crimes that were allegedly committed.

The girls gave statements in the frameworks of the ongoing investigation against Oriental As's owner Ali Arifi from Bogovinje, who is accused of illegal confinement and violation of the labor rights.

If found guilty on these charges, Arifi would face a sentence ranging from pecuniary fine to one-year imprisonment.

The women of foreign citizenship aged 22 to 27, were illegally employed as waitresses in the bar. The Police suspect their freedom of movement was limited to the premises of the bar as they found a room that served as a girls' living quarter.

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