Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Bombs found at old iron depot

Artillery grenades, warplane bomb and ammunition intended for non-live fire exercise ended up as old iron at a depot in Bitola.

Teams of Protection & Rescue Directorate were dispatched today at Ipce depot in Bitola. They picked up a warplane bomb, a 110-milimterer artillery grenade, two 75-milimterer artillery grenades, a 62-milimterer mortar-grenade and 104 exercise bullets for hand launcher.

Grenades and the bomb, stemming from the World War I, had been brought to the depot as old iron.

Bomb technician Kostadin Popovski said the bomb, grenades and the ammunition were deactivated and removed from the depot.

As of early 2007, around 200 unexploded devices, stemming from the World War I and the World War II, have been discovered in Bitola's area. All explosive devices will be destroyed next week.

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