Tuesday, May 29, 2007

European Reconciliation Day on Bitola’ military cemetery

Skopje. Yesterday French, German, Bulgarian and Serbian delegations lead by the Macedonian Parliament Speaker Ljbisa Gjorgievski, visited the WWI military cemetery in the town of Bitola (Macedonia) during the European Reconciliation Day, the Macedonian newspaper Vreme wrote today.
They visited the Monument of the Bulgarian soldiers that died in WWI, as well as German, Serbian and French graveyards.
Serbian Ambassador in Macedonia Zoran Popovic made a statement at the Bulgarian cemetery and Bulgarian Ambassador to Macedonia Miho Mihov delivered a speech at Serbian military cemetery. They both appealed to forget the past and focus on the European family. In the spirit of the European reconciliation the French military attaché Colonel Fabris Duda and his colleague from the German embassy Henrich Kindiger made their statements too.
Ljubisa Gjorgievski defined the speech as a letter to dead heroes and scarified youth of Europe, the edition points out.
“In that way those us, who were born on the Balkans, we looked for Europe, as our mother, and we found her. At some points we searched badly, in a bad way, but we looked for it and we found it for good”, Georgievski said.

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