Thursday, May 03, 2007


Former Yugoslav Republic Of Macedonia (pop. 2,022,547; an independent state on the Balkan peninsula) Karolina, Mojot Svet

Macedonia, you may have the best flag in the world, but you're effing hopeless at Eurovision. Macedonia's Eurovision representative this year is the same as Macedonia's Eurovision representative in 2002 - Karolina, former child-star, dandruff model and one of the biggest-selling female artists ever in Macedonia, having sold upwards of 14 albums in her career. All that plus she has a slightly-too-large mouth. Karolina's Eurovision song Mojot Svet is a weird choice - it has a funny beat that sounds intrusive and it's all about… well actually we don't know what it's about because we can't find a translation anywhere, but phonetically Karolina is saying "niner niner nanana-niner, nock ooh arr sa skanki manchuvert" Hope that helps. Oh, the song's rubbish, by the way. Current Eurovision betting odds - 50/1

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