Saturday, May 12, 2007

Injured woman in Struga car accident still in critical condition

The condition of Margarita Chepeljoska, who was hit near Struga by a speeding car, driven, according to witnesses, by two Britons, remains critical.

The spokesman of the Skopje Clinical Center confirmed this to Makfax on Thursday afternoon.

The Director of the Center, Borce Georgievski, gave similar statement few hours earlier. "Chepeljoska's condition is highly critical... the doctors are struggling to save her life", he said.

"It is difficult to speculate as to the prognosis. I keep constant contact with the doctors from the Department, who are briefing me continuously on her condition", Georgievski said.

Chepeljoska, who was urgently transferred to the Anesthesiology, Reanimation and Intensive Care Department, has suffered multiple fractures of the ribs, pelvis as well as severe lung injuries.

Her husband, Vladimir Chepeljoski, succumbed yesterday to the injuries he sustained in the car accident, involving two British citizens, participants in the international rally Gumball 3000, who tried to run from the scene of the incident.

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