Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Macedonia sends letter of protests to CE for inappropriate naming of state

Macedonian representatives in the Council of Europe (CE) send a letter of protest to the Secretary General Terry Davis for inappropriate naming of the state in the documents issued by the Council.

The reaction was prompted by entering "citizen of the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia", instead of "Macedonian" in the citizenship section of documents called "passports" issued by CE.

"That was the reason to give back the 'passport' that was issued to me", deputy Blagoj Zashov told Deutsche Welle Radio.

The same source said that all six Macedonian MPs signed the letter of protest.

"The Ministry supports the parliamentary democracy, including the Mission in Strasbourg, and stands ready to voice an adequate response if it is established that inappropriate naming was used in the documents", Macedonian Foreign Ministry's spokesperson Shpresa Jusufi told Makfax Agency.

Several years ago, Walter Schwimmer - CE Secretary General at the time, issued instruction for not using the adjective "Macedonian", which is in collision with CE standards.

"We demand from the incumbent Secretary General to withdraw this instruction, if it is still in force. He does not deny its existence, but the attitude of the Secretariat's officers suggests that at least the spirit of this instruction is still lingering on", Zashov told Deutsche Welle Radio.

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