Sunday, May 20, 2007

Police in Macedonia save underaged girls from a prostitution ring

Skopje. A 15-year-old girl was saved from the claws of a mobster from Tetovo area, who was forcing her to provide prostitution services, and another six underage girls were uncovered during police inspection in Tetovo and its surrounding, Makfax reports.
The Police announced today they uncovered the procurer in the village of Kamenjane and filed formal accusation against him for human trafficking. Another 14 girls were found during the last weekend's inspection of several bars in Tetovo area.
The Police suspects that the young women; all Macedonian citizens, except one Serbian; have been victims of human trafficking. Six of the girls are minors, however, the Police has not revealed their age.
J.D., 38, an owner of a pizza parlor in Kamenjane, has been accused of human trafficking. The girl was subject to severe harassment and forced to entertain the guests, as well as to offer sexual services to the customers in the bars "Ata" and "Bili 9" located in Tetovo after her working hours in the pizzeria.
The Police also tracked down four persons, who sold the girl to J.D. last February.
The rest of the girls were found in the bars "Cobra", "Tango & Cash", "Dashurie" and "Europe". All victims have been transferred to the Transition Care Center in Skopje.
The agency points out that there was no immediate word if formal accusations have been filed against the rest of the bar owners, besides the one from Kamenjane.

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