Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Skopje Fortress – 3500-year-old clay kazoo and pig found

Archaeological excavations on the Skopje Fortress (Kale) have come up with a number of clay items in the pre-historical sections including a 1100-year-old kazoo and a 3500-year-old pig. The kazoo belonged to the Late Bronze Age. The two items were discovered at a really short time span, which shows with certainty that there was continual life there 3500 years ago, Dragisa Zdravkovski, the head archaeologist of this section says.
The kazoo and pig were found beyond the Kale walls indicating that there was a Neolithic settlement outside the walls as well. Another section on that stretch belonging to pre-history was found. Remains of a triangular tower, a component part of the wall towers was unearthed there. Those are the only points where excavations have reached back pre-historical times. Other points, which are much richer in items unearthed, have only come to the mediaeval and the Otttoman times.

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