Saturday, May 12, 2007

Stavreski says Macedonia needs a boost for economic boom

A boost for launching of economic boom is what Macedonia needs right now, Macedonian Vice-Prime Minster Zoran Stavreski said in an interview with the German paper "Die Presse".

He underlined that the entry of US and British companies engaged in the automotive industry as well as the recent entry of Société Générale in the Macedonian banking sector, opens a possibility for attracting a large number of smaller-size investors.

According to Stavreski, the current situation of the Macedonia's economy is far behind its real potentials.

"The two European Corridors - 10 and 8, top the list of priorities. Bulgaria-Albania link of the Corridor 8 is particularly difficult to execute. The necessary funds totaling 750 million euros surpass the capacity of a country of 2 million citizens. Therefore, we plan to award concession agreements on the parts of the road network to private investors", Stavrevski told "Die Presse".

The Vice-Prime Minister also pointed out at the energy shortage the country is facing, especially after shutting down of the Bulgarian nuclear power plant Kozloduy.

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