Thursday, May 03, 2007

US wants to close Kosovo issue this spring

United States of America is against any delay in resolving the status of Kosovo and wants to close the issue in a matter of months, according to Martti Ahtisaari's plan.

"We are standing firmly behind the international mediator Ahtisaari and we are strongly hopeful that the issue of Kosovo status would see its end this spring", US Assistant Secretary of State, Rosemary DiCarlo said in Skopje today.

She added that delay in solving of the "last remaining open issue on the territory of the former Yugoslavia" is not in the region's interest.

"We don't' think stalling of the resolution on this issue would lead to greater stability in the region, nor that postponement would produce improvement of the existing plans. On the contrary, we are dedicated to finding a solution on a manner that would promote the stability of the region and facilitate its way to NATO and EU", DiCarlo said.

After the meetings with the Macedonian leadership, she expressed content of Macedonia's support to Ahtisaari's plan and the country's assistance in the efforts to reach a solution on the Kosovo issue.

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