Saturday, May 12, 2007

WHO welcomes health sector reform in Macedonia

World Health Organization (WHO) welcomed the health sector reform in Macedonia and called for strengthening of healthcare system and disaster management capacity.

The visiting Regional Director of the WHO European Office, Dr. Marc Danzon, met today with the Macedonian Health Minister Imer Selmani.

"This morning I had an excellent discussion with the minister and experts. I am confident that health reform is moving in the right direction," Danzon said.

Dr. Danzon called for additional stimulation of medical staff to ensure that the reform be fully implemented. He mentioned the capitation system in this context.

He also mentioned the equality of patients, i.e. the solidarity with patients not covered by health insurance.

"This problem exists in other countries, but there are extra efforts to help these patients," Danzon said.

Minister Selmani stressed that Macedonia's health system pledges solidarity despite the high number on non-insured citizens, ranging 200.000.

'This year only, 2 million euros have been set apart for patients not covered by health insurance," Selmani said, adding that the citizens may receive medical treatment if one member of the family pays health insurance.

Among the problems and part of government's policy, Danzon mentioned the non-revision of the positive drugs list.

Selmani stressed that he supports the revision of positive drugs list, but made it clear that "the state should provide what it can pay".

They both mentioned the incidence of counterfeit medicines and illicit sell of cancer-treating medicaments.

"This is a problem present in many countries across the world and the WHO urges the countries to inform the patients about this phenomenon in order to prevent it," Danzon said.

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